Frequently Asked Questions




How do I turn the ice bar on and off?

IceBar is turned on and off using the switch labelled ‚Main Switch‘.

How long does it take for the bar surface to freeze completely?

From a fully de-frosted state the IceBar surface takes 20-30 minutes to freeze completely.

What is the maximum outside operating temperature?

The IceBar will function normally in outside temperatures of up to 38°C/100.4°F.

How long will the IceBar surface remain frozen?

The IceBar will remain frozen for as long as it remains switched on.

How do I defrost the IceBar?

To defrost the IceBar simply turn it off using the ‚MainSwitch‘ and wait
approximately 30 minutes. The melted ice and water will drain into the drainage channel at which point the IceBar can be wiped clean.

Can the front panel be customised?

Yes, the front panel of the IceBar can be customised to include any brand logo,
text or promotion message. All logos and images must be submitted as vector files.

How do I replace the logo panel?

The front frame panel simply unlocks and opens at an angle allowing you to quickly
and easily swap out various branded panels. Tools are not required for this operation.